10 Day Purium Celebrity Transformation – Mid Point Report

Purium 10 Day Celebration

Facts :

Date Started: March 15, 2015
Weight 190lbs

Today (near the end of the day)  March 19, 2015
Weight 186 lbs


My results  are very evident in a positive way.  I see the physical change in my face, I feel the physical evidence in how my clothes are fitting and I will say without a doubt that if you follow the instructions you will get results.  This entire program is founded on the advice “give all processed foods a break for 10 days”.

Click Here to watch the 3 minute video. As soon as  I did I knew this is what I wanted to do.


Last year I took action to improve my physical condition.  From February until about September I lost 40 pounds and I hit my goal of 180 lbs.  Earlier this year I noticed some regain starting. Apparently I did not take bold enough action because it continued then I succeeded in stabilizing it in the range of 188-190.  I was not happy and knew that I wanted to get back to 180 and possibly 175.  I feel the best at that weight.

My view is the why factor needs to be


I was at a business development mastermind one Sunday several weeks ago and sat near a man who talked about being a successful business builder along with his wife for Purium.  I asked him to send me more information and he sent me the link to a couple videos.  Then he offered me a $50 gift card if I was interested in giving this a try.  I registered almost immediately.

Two Steps To Start

1. Watch the video Click Here
2. Call me at 727-587-7871 after you have watched the video or
2. Email Me for your $50 Gift Card and we will then set up a 5 min call to help you with your order.

10 Day Celebrity Transformation Pack

This Program Is Almost No Cost For Me

I spend more money on food and drink in 10 days than this program cost me after I applied my $50 gift card. There is another major economic saving available that we will discuss  when you are ready for my help with your first order.

What Can You Expect?

All of us have eating and drinking routines.  This program interrupts all of that so be prepared for the emotional reaction to this disruption in your life.  The only way I know of to do that is focus on why you are doing this and the outcome you want. With that, I found that in the first 3 days I felt irritable and many things that normally would not bother me now were bothering me.  I also did feel very hungry at times.  That may be because I still exercise as normal coupled with not having my normal foods.  On the third day I remember reading where cucumber and celery were an unlimited food. So I stocked up on organic veggies and cucumber and celery in particular and have those cut up and readily available.  Don’t mistaken this by thinking I was eating mass quantities – not at all. But I do find that to be helpful and as you can see from my results I am already almost 5 pounds down in 5 days.

One Final Comment For Now :  This Is Easy

You get everything you need delivered to your door except the flex foods you want.  As previously mentioned I have a  supply of organic vegetables. I am not cooking anything. Everything is raw. I follow the directions and I this creates time for me because there is almost no preparation. If I were traveling I could do this.  There is really nothing I can think of from a lifestyle view that would prevent you from going through the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation 

For Your Health and Happiness,

Steve Pohlit 
IBD Purium

10 Day Celebrity Transformation Dave Sandoval and Purium

My Gift For You – A $50 Gift Card To Encourage You To Start

10 Day Celebrity Transformation PackSteps To STart

1. Click Here and Complete The Gift Card Form. The Code is stevepohlit
2. Call me so we (me and my health partner) can help you with your first order
3. In about 7 days from placing your order your products will arrive and you can begin the next morning or on another day you selected.

For Your Health and Happiness,

Steve Pohlit
IBD Purium